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Moving to Work in China


I spent a few years as a writer, editor and teacher in China. The salary back then was half of what I could earn in HK at that time. I am sure times have changed and they should be better than what I was receiving. You don't need to be earning a super high salary to live like a king in China as everything around you is quite cheap compared to living in HKSAR or Singapore!

Did you have problems with visa or get rejected cos of other reasons?

If you are new to understanding how it all it works, then feel free to share your queries here or experience to others.

A lot of teachers are now turning to attaining their DipDip Masters Diploma in Brain Training and Multi-language Certification before applying anywhere in the world! As TEFL is becoming more and more easy to get online. Many schools don't look at TEFL as it use to be, more so with immigration as well! Check out www.shishishasha.com/dipdiptraining

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How are all teachers coping with the situation here in Hong Kong? Does it affect your lifestyle or your salary now in Hong Kong?

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